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Beyonce Elements of 4 (Review)

Beyonce appears on the stage in sequin dress that is purposely loose around the stomach to draw attention away from her baby bump. Pregnancy is not a factor that would detour her from rocking a show, she appears more vibrant and beautiful then ever. The 1st 30 minutes, Act I, of the concert she enlightens the crowd with her story as a little girl to the mega star that she has become today. Similar to “Wynn Live In Las Vegas”, but this time around she adds various footage of herself as a little girl and behind the scenes footage with Destiny’s Child. Beyonce continues to the Act II of the concert, sitting while growling the words to “I Care” from the album 4. The audience then sings along to I Miss You, which includes footage of a pregnant Beyonce,  and the couples matching, ring finger, tattoos on symbolizing a wedding ring. Beyonce becomes emotional as she wipes tears from her face and continues to finish the song off beautifully.Moving down the track list of 4, Beyonce hits it full force in the performance of songs such as “Run The World” and “End of Time.” Other highlight performances are “Countdown”, “Rather Die Young”, and the closing number “I Was Here.” All and all making it yet another phenomenal performance from Beyonce.


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